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Home Five-0 is a locally owned business with over 15 years experience in the Air Conditioning Industry (spilt systems) and the Home Improvement / Building Industry.

Home Five-0 have been providing and installing hundreds of home improvement products such as Air-con split systems, panfans, tubular skylights, ventilations systems and attic stairs, into domestic homes and offices. We also offer Air-con split sytem cleaning & servicing as well as specialising in Building Solutions and Renovations.

Our installers and builders are licensed. 

Home Five-0 services the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.  We are also the Master Distributor for PanFan throughout Australia. We provide a fast and friendly service offering competitive pricing to our customers.  We offer a free 'in-home' assessment to find the right solution in your home or office environment. Whether it's to install Air-con units, PanFans, Tubular skylights or provide building solutions, Home Five-0 can help. 

Home Five-0 has a range of products and services available - call Home Five-0 today for a your home improvement needs and advice!

Let Home Five-0 be your 1st response to better living!


As specialists in the installation of Air-Con split systems over the past 15 years, Home Five-0 has also identified a need in the market for technical cleaning services of Air-Con split systems - often the units were not working to maximum capacity and efficiency. During this time we found that most people were not advised about cleaning and up-keeping there split systems regularly (besides cleaning the filters). Home Five-0 has since established a technical cleaning service for customers. 

A healthy home is a healthy family environment. So don’t delay get your air con cleaned today.

When cleaning we at HOME FIVE-0 only use corrosion free and environmentally friendly solutions to thoroughly clean your split system –  NO HARSH CHEMICALS.  

We specialise in cleaning all brands so that your split system unit is working at maximum capacity reducing energy costs and creating a more healthier home for you & your family.

Generally, the majority of people are not aware of how to maintain their Air Conditioner Spilt System.

We often receive the following Complaints:

  • My Air-Con is not pumping cold air...
  • What’s that bad smell...
  • My air con is noisy...
  • My system is dirty...

If  this sounds like you? We have the solution to your problem!